Theatre Arts 

Spring Forest Middle School is proud to be the home of the Bobcat Playhouse! Our Spring Forest Theatre Arts department offers three levels of classes: 6th Grade Theatre Arts, 7th/8th Grade Theatre Arts, and Advanced Theatre Arts. The Advanced Theatre Arts class is chosen based on a school wide audition and past performance experience. See below for more details on each class.


The Bobcat Playhouse produces two major shows for the public each year including our Spring Musical. We also co-produce our SFMS Talent Show alongside our friends in the choir department. The Bobcat Playhouse is the pride and joy of the Spring Forest Theatre Department.


6th Grade Theatre Arts students meet every day for the whole year. We work hard every day to ensure that each and every 6th grader receives a solid foundation in theatre. This includes theatre terminology, acting techniques, basic technical components and a very hands on approach to understanding the numerous elements of play production. Like all theatre classes, this is a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE course. Performance is mandatory. ZERO excuses will be accepted. Students will still have countless opportunities to perform in class plays and will be able to audition for the Spring musical. Whether performing or not, all theatre students must attend Bobcat all Playhouse productions. 


7th/8th Grade Theatre Arts students meet every day for the whole year. This class will have a wide range in students’ theatrical skills, and like all theatre classes, it is HIGHLY INTERACTIVE with mandatory performances. This class will cover theatrical terminology, acting techniques, intense technical theatre components, and a very hands on approach to understanding the numerous elements of play production. This class will often be asked to assist with building, painting, costuming, or other needs in support of the Bobcat Playhouse. 7th/8th grade students are eligible and encouraged to audition for all Bobcat Playhouse productions. In the event that students are not performing in or helping backstage, students are required to attend all Bobcat Playhouse productions. 


Advanced Theatre Arts is where we separate the boys and girls from the young men and young women! This is an intense, performance based class, where all students are expected to not only perform in front of class, but also participate in Bobcat Playhouse productions. Most assignments are project based, where students will be asked to not only perform, but also learn the ins and outs of light, sound, set, and costume design. Students will also be asked to serve as Stage Managers, Student Directors, Choreographers and even Playwrights. Advanced Theatre Arts is open only to 7th/8th Graders, and is selected based on audition and past performances. 

For more about the Bobcat Playhouse you can visit or contact Mr.Harkins.


The SFMS Band Program consists of 6 different beginning band classes and 2 performance ensembles. Students are given the opportunity to choose to play the clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, euphonium, flute, French horn, oboe, percussion, saxophone, trombone, trumpet or tuba. During the beginning year of instruction, students learn all of the basic fundamentals on their instrument. In the subsequent years, students learn to perform at a higher level of proficiency. 


Along with Choir and Orchestra, SFMS band students are often very strong academically. Research has shown that students who participate in successful musical ensembles during their secondary education score higher on state standardized tests as well as the SAT and ACT. As an example, the national average SAT score in 2010 for students not participating in music classes was 1509, while the average for students participating in musical ensembles was 1603. Researchers believe the success of students participating in musical ensembles is due to the requirements placed on the brain to use 4 of the 5 senses simultaneously for long periods of time. While we strive for musical success and maturity in all of our students, our main focus is their overall academic success.


Throughout the year, students are given multiple opportunities to showcase their talents through competition and concerts. Symphonic Band members compete against hundreds of other students in our area for placement in the Region 27 All-Region Band. In addition to that competition, Symphonic and Concert Bands participate in the SBISD Solo/Ensemble contest in February and the annual UIL State Concert and Sight-reading competition. This competition is the process by which the State of Texas evaluates a schools music program. Beginning Band Students are given the opportunity to compete in their own Solo/Ensemble competition in April.


Each year the band program produces a Winter and a Spring Concert. These concerts showcase all of the hard work that has been put in by all of the members of the ensemble. Additionally, the Symphonic band plays at the SFMS Veterans Day Celebration.


Christine Pulver 

Director of Bands



The SFMS Orchestra program is widely recognized for its traditions of musical excellence and award-winning performances. There are 3 different Orchestras to accommodate students at any skill level - from those with no experience, to those that perform professionally. Students may choose to learn the Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass. Students with previous experience on Piano, Harp, or Drum are welcome to audition with these instruments; however, no beginning instruction is provided.

Your child will have many opportunities to showcase their talents and hard work at the annual Holiday Concert and again at the Spring Concert. Students will also receive a chance to perform at the SBISD Solo and Ensemble Festival, the Veteran's Day Celebration and participate in a combined concert with the award-winning Stratford HS Orchestra.


All members of the SFMS Orchestra work hard to develop high-level musicianship skills, but they also develop important leadership traits and social skills necessary to be successful in today's society.  Orchestra students receive numerous academic honors and awards and serve in leadership positions throughout the school, including Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, Athletics, Theatre and more.


Our tradition of winning and excellence dates all the way back to the program’s inception in 1969.  Since then, the SFMS Orchestra has earned numerous “Superior” ratings and “Sweepstakes” awards from the statewide U.I.L. Contest and the SBISD Solo and Ensemble Festival.  We also annually represent SFMS in the coveted Region 27 All-Region Orchestra which consists of only the best musicians in our city. 

For more about the SFMS Orchestra program contact Mr.Good.




The Spring Forest Choir offers engaging opportunities to sing, sight-read, and build team and leadership skills. There are four choirs to suit each voice and learner and all ensembles participate in four public performances per school year as well as a group contest. Singers learn a variety of music from traditional choral literature to folk music in a variety of languages to "pop" songs with choreography. Students will also focus on learning to read music, music theory and history, and begin their fluency as sight-readers.


Spring Forest Choir historically earns Sweepstakes at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading and Superior and Best in Class ratings at varied contests. Choir members are also encouraged to participate in Solo and Ensemble Contest, TMEA Region 27 Choir, and the Spring Forest Veteran's Day Celebration. Singing the National Anthem at a Houston Rockets game is also a tradition for our singers!


For more about the SFMS Choir contact Ms. Cheesman.