Spring 2023


The annual SFMS Multicultural Festival is one of our student’s favorite events of the entire year.  Students AND families are invited to attend and experience this fun community event!


Being the most diverse school in the school district makes our festival one of the best in the district! Teachers and parents host dozens of tables that represent countries from all over the world. Students receive a passport to “visit” and learn about other cultures, sample food, listen to music and enjoy a wonderful learning experience.  


We need many volunteers and hosts to make this event possible.  

Everyone (parents, students, teachers, family, etc.) can get involved by: 

  • helping to organize a table representing a country (you don't have to be from that country)
  • suggesting or taking part in a performance (music, dance, sports, etc)
  • volunteering to organize or assist at the festival sharing any ideas on how we can celebrate diversity at SFMS. 
  • assisting with set up or clean up
  • volunteering to help serve our multicultural tasting buffet

Queremos que todas las familias participen para hacer de este evento un éxito para la comunidad así como para la escuela. Envíe un e-mail con la información que se solicita más arriba y qué país quiere representar a: Trina Morford  Gracias!

Please contact Trina Morford, Margaret Sanchez, or Bridget Williams to help out!